The International Wine & Spirit Competition and the IWSC Group

World Travel Guide is proud to be the media partner of the IWSC Group and its flagship event, the International Wine & Spirit Competition

The IWSC Group consists of a wide and dynamic range of culinary and arts events and competitions across the US and UK.  As well as the IWSC, the list includes the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival, Cochon555, Wine Riot, Whisky Extravaganza, the Beer Awards, the Miami Project, Texas Contemporary, Art Market San Francisco and the Moniker art fair in London. The full list of events is here: IWSC Group


The International Wine & Spirit Competition was founded in 1969 by Anton Massel, who had the idea of creating a wine and spirit competition which was based not just on the judgement of wine critics, but where all entries also had to undergo chemical analysis.

Massel’s Club Oenologique became the International Wine & Spirit Competition in 1978. The original aim – to award excellence to wines and spirits worldwide – remains the same today.

Over the coming months we will be releasing selected IWSC results, together with news, features, interviews and recommendations. We will also be covering all the events of the wider IWSC Group.

For more information, go to the IWSC and the IWSC Group