logo-spiritsofmexico-95x93The Spirits of Mexico is the premier tasting platform in North America for agave-based and other spirits produced in Mexico. Encompassing a festival and a competition The Spirits of Mexico showcases the variety of expressions of tequila, sotol, mezcal, bacanora, liqueurs, raicilla, wine and other spirits. With recognised industry professionals judging the products and offering seminars to guests at the festival The Spirits of Mexico celebrates the generations of master distillers and blenders whose art form is experienced in each delicious drop.

Now in its twelfth year, The Spirits of Mexico festival brings together master distillers, blenders, authors, mixologists, distributors, retailers and ambassadors with the surging group of admiring fans who have created the double-digit growth of tequila and other Mexican spirits. Last year the festival moved to Del Mar after many successful years in Old Town San Diego. Guests can attend seminars and workshops focussed around the history and culture of the spirits, current trends and appropriate tasting techniques, as well as judging at our famous cocktail competition, an have the opportunity to meet the creators of these exquisite products.

The Spirits of Mexico competition is North America’s original and most influential Mexican spirits competition. Bringing together judges from across the United States and Mexico including Jack Robertiello, Robert Plotkin, Ana Maria Romero Mena and Junior Merino, The Spirits of Mexico competition is dedicated to recognizing and rewarding the very best Mexican spirits whether well respected brands or new to market products.

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