Trufflesecco is a new bar in London that literally brings together the UK’s favourite sparkling wine and special pairings with truffles.

The Prosecco phenomenon continues to drive sales of this light Italian sparkling wine around the world. It seems the world has gone mad for the soft bubbles and easy drinking style of Prosecco.Trufflesecco

But none more so than in the UK where demand for Prosecco means it out sold Champagne for the first time in 2015. Unthinkable just five years ago.

It has done so thanks to a 72% increase in sales in 2015 taking the total Prosecco market in the UK alone to some £388 million.

So with that kind of backing it is not surprising that restaurants and bars are clearing their lists to make room for different styles of Prosecco.

But London-based Russian sisters, Irina and Svetlana Bondar, have gone a step further and opened up a bar dedicated not just to Prosecco, but truffles. Which they think are the perfect accompaniment to a glass of bubbles.

Leap of faith

The restaurant has been a big leap of faith for the Bondar sisters, as neither have a hospitality background, instead working in marketing and psychology respectively.trufflesecco-front

Their inspiration came after a visit to Florence and enjoying the night life going from café to bar.

“We wanted to bring a piece of Florence to London, and make sure that people have that atmosphere of being relaxed and celebrating every day life over drinks and food,” said Irena. “We wanted to create a place that we wanted to go to.”

She added:“The premise of Trufflesecco is an experience that combines a passion for high quality food with a fun and social space – a mini-escape from the city.”

“Prosecco is all about having fun, and truffles add a real sense of luxury — our philosophy here is to celebrate every day as if it’s a special occasion.”

As a result Trufflesecco opened earlier this year in trendy Camden in north London.

High in demand

The cosy bar only has enough seats for 24 people at any one time, which means it has quickly become one of the most sought after bars in London.

Trufflesecco has seven different styles of Prosecco to choose from, ranging in price from £28 to £50 a bottle.

Each of the Proseccos have been selected to pair with food and include: Ca’ di Rajo; Col di Rocca; and Sorelle Bronca.

There is also a selection of Prosecco-based cocktails to choose from such as Rossinis and Bellinis and you can even try a Prosecco shot if you like to keep those bubbles flowing.

But it’s not all about Prosecco and the  bar also features a well sourced Italian wine list.

Truffle on the menu

Truffle and steakThe truffle theme has been well integrated in to the menu with a selection of dishes that have been marinated or blended with truffles in some way. This includes a range of meats and cheeses such as creamy burrata infused with fresh black truffles, a truffle carpaccio tapenade, truffled cheese, crostini with melted mozzarella, truffle oil and pistachio, or pastry fried with truffle.

If you like what you have eaten then there is also a deli shop area that sells a range of truffle-based goodies, with, of course, a selection of Prosecco and wines to take away.

Two’s company

Trufflesecco is the latest in a line of London restaurants and bars to specialise in a couple of items such as Champagne & Fromage, Chick ’n’ Sours, Burger & Lobster, and Bubbledogs, where high end hot dogs are served with Champagne.

Given our love for Prosecco it seems Trufflesecco has hit upon a winning formula.

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