THE WHISKY LOUNGEThe Whisky Lounge was born out of pure enthusiasm for whisky and founded in 2008 by Eddie Ludlow. Since then, The Whisky Lounge has run some of the biggest whisky events in the UK and continue to do so each year.

Through their events and activities, which include whisky schools, tastings and festivals, The Whisky Lounge’s aim is always to entertain, educate and continuously delight all of those involved. The events are about breaking down barriers, myths and legends whilst promoting the understanding that whisky is a historical and iconic product of almost alchemic origins.

[bscolumns class=”one_third”][cl-flipbox link_type=”btn” link=”|target:_blank” back_btn_label=”FIND OUT MORE” front_icon_type=”image” front_icon_image=”606″ front_icon_image_width=”100%” front_title=”TASTINGS” front_title_size=”22px” front_elmorder=”tid” front_bgcolor=”#000000″ front_textcolor=”#ffffff” back_title=”TASTINGS” back_title_size=”22px” back_desc=”We choose whiskies we think you will want to taste – so you can be sure you are in for an entertaining and delicious evening. ” valign=”” border_size=”2px” border_color=”#e04406″ padding=”5%”][/bscolumns]

[bscolumns class=”one_third”][cl-flipbox link_type=”btn” link=”” back_btn_label=”FIND OUT MORE” front_icon_type=”image” front_icon_image=”611″ front_icon_image_width=”100%” front_title=”FESTIVALS” front_title_size=”22px” front_elmorder=”tid” front_bgcolor=”#000000″ front_textcolor=”#ffffff” back_title=”FESTIVALS” back_title_size=”22px” back_desc=”Our TWL Festivals are annual events simply not to be missed. Come and meet the makers and shakers of the whisky industry whilst sampling from a huge selection of the latest and greatest drams available” valign=”” border_size=”2px” border_color=”#e04406″ padding=”5%”][/bscolumns]

[bscolumns class=”one_third_last”][cl-flipbox link_type=”btn” link=”|target:_blank” back_btn_label=”FIND OUT MORE” front_icon_type=”image” front_icon_image=”612″ front_icon_image_width=”100%” front_title=”SCHOOLS” front_title_size=”22px” front_elmorder=”tid” front_bgcolor=”#000000″ front_textcolor=”#ffffff” back_title=”SCHOOLS” back_title_size=”22px” back_desc=”If you want to really know your stuff, then try one of our Whisky Schools. Full-day events of full-on whisky-intensive training – with tasting, blending and learning – to ensure you leave a true Whisky Apostle.” valign=”” border_size=”2px” border_color=”#e04406″ padding=”5%”][/bscolumns]

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